For my first post, I would like to show you one project that I participated in my home University in Brazil.

The DREAM IN Brazil project started being implemented in Brazil in May 2011 by the Vivarta Institute, an NGO that actively participated in the pilot project in India. This project  was an innovative method which, from the dreams of ordinary people, identifies trends in a region, community or country and creates, based on Design Thinking, business opportunities that can realize these dreams.



In India, 101 students travelled 11 routes totaling 25,000 km covering the entire Indian nation. They collected more than 3,000 dreams. These dreams were the basis for the creation of more than 50 new investment opportunities. Some of these opportunities are being explored in India through partnerships with private firms created especially for this, such as Future Ventures.

In Brazil, I participated as a volunteer in this project and it was one wonderful experience for me. First, we learned the method and we went through the three stages of the project: Dream, Believe and Realise. All dreams that we captured during local journeys was edited and analyzed at a Regional Conclave hosted by each University, and we also invited some of ‘’dreamers’’. And after, we tried to implement all the resolutions that we created based on the dreams.







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