Bulbo – The Light Bag

Hi guys, here I’m again, please, don’t concern a lot about my  grammar and have fun with my posts 🙂

This week I’ll try to post every day one creative bag or anything related with my project! Maybe one of them can help one of you =)

The first one is about one bag created for who those lost everything inside any bag and it was designed by a Italian designer called Nicole Osella and it is only a prototype 🙂



“An add-on module which could be used to retro fit any bag you have at your disposal and it generates it’s own electrical energy for the light. ‘Bulbo’ is a ribbon with LEDs and can be placed inside a bag. A silicon bulb on one side with a clip allows to attach the ‘Bulbo’ to any bag. This silicon bulb contains a sphere that will levitate outside the bag, harnessing kinetic energy which is stored in a battery inside the silicon bulb. Comes night the stored energy provides power to the LEDs inside the bag.” Nicole Osella



seeya 🙂



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