survey result

Hi guys,

I did my survey with some biologists from Brazil, my sister helps me a lot with this and here is the result with the main answers:


Yep, this is my note from the survey, it is in Portuguese (sorry about this) but I will translate it for  you:

1 Question: What you usually do in a camping research?

Data collection
Collections of specimens of fauna and flora
Measurements of biological and environmental variables
Installation of traps
Record birds
Collecting insects

2 Question: What do you need to carry with you in a camping research:


3 Question: How many things you need to protect?

Animals collected


All electronics


4 Question: It need to be waterproof and/or  thermic?


 5 Question: How many days you stay in a camping research?

2 – 5 days

 6 Question: What size and form would be better?



 A lot of compartments

 7 Question: What price you are willing to pay?

$ 50- 100

 8 Question: Bag pack or transversal bag?

Bag pack


Now it’s time to search materials and try to make some sketches

Have a nice (cold) Sunday ^^


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