Sketches and fabric

Hello guys,

First of all I finally did my sketches, what toke me sometime, because I’m really lacking in it… but in the end, it is the result!


I need to improve this drawing, I know, I will do this later, for the presentation.

The important thing today is that I FINALLY FOUND MY FABRIC. It was a hard search, because my bag needs to be waterproof  or water resistant ,need to cost to $ 50 -100 and also needs to be ecofriendly, because biologists wouldn’t buy something that helps to  “end the world’’ ,me neither.

When I started to search, I found this blog  and thanks God that I found this, because it resolved my first doubt: Can I do my bag with water resistance fabric? And my answer was YES, YES AND YES, ALWAYS YES. How all of you know, I can’t do anything expensive, and waterproof fabric is very expensive.

So, I decided to search for water resistance fabric and in parallel for ecofriendly fabric, and for my pleasure, I found out exists recycled polyester, which means that I will have one not so expensive + ecofriendly + water resistance  fabric in my bag. Of course I need to search and certificate that I can do all things that I want with this recycled polyester, but I am almost 100% sure that I will choose it!

Here is some quotes from my research that I found interesting:

“Synthetic materials such as polyester use less energy. They can be washed in cooler temperatures and need less ironing. Most garments also don’t need to be tumbled dry (which requires huge amounts of energy) and are better hang dried.”  Search

Polyester: Regular polyester is made from petroleum, which is a byproduct of processing oil, and far from eco-friendly. While it still requires heavy processing, companies are now finding ways to create polyester out of recycled plastic bottles or even recycled polyester fabric. Polyester is likely greenest when it’s vintage: second-life boutiques are brimming with great retro styles that will add plenty of eco-funk to your style.” search

“While polyester does not biodegrade, at the end of its use phase it can actually be recycled to near-virgin or virgin-like quality (something which cannot be said of natural fibers). Issey Miyake’s recent collaboration with the Japanese chemical company Teijin, which developed specialized equipment to revert used polyester back to its original source material of dimethyl terephthalate, demonstrates just how beautiful recycled polyester can be.” search

“Benefits of recycled polyester:Lessens dependence on oil; Curbs discards, thereby prolonging landfill life and reducing toxic emissions from incinerators; Helps to promote a new recycling stream for polyester clothing that is no longer wearable; Creates less air, water and soil contamination.” search

The first blog that I put here, also gives me some waterproof zippers, that I can use: This one and this one.This last one is very cool because has a lot of others ”bag stuffs” on it, that we can take as a reference.

And for those how are curious about the process of how recycled polyester is made, its here some thing that would be helpful!



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