Biologist, who are these people??

Hi guys,

As a part of my research process, today I will be talking about biologists a little and the things that they usually use.

Biologist is a scientist who studies living organisms and their relationship with their environment. They are involved in basic research attempt to discover underlying mechanisms that govern how organisms work and in applied research attempt to develop or improve medical, industrial or agricultural process. There are different kinds of biologists, like: Aquatic biologists, botanists, zoologists, ecologists, geneticists, etc.


For my bag project, the chosen group is going to be a biologist who does a camping research before the lab research and the project is going to focus on the transportation of the tools and materials that they are collecting in camp, and also the supplements and personal stuffs that they need to carry with them. 




Another important thing is focus on the price and material of the bag because they are willing to pay for about $50-100 and they need a water proof or water resistant bag. ( about material and these stuffs I already posted here  🙂




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