Similar products

 About the similar products, Biologists do not have a specific bag for them, so when they go to a camping research, they usually use camping bags, but it is to big sometimes, and because of this, they also use common bags. The problem with common bags is because it is not big enough and not with many compartments. In conclusion, they do not have a bag that would fit all their necessities.


The first similar bag is named Pangolin Backpack, which was made by recycled tubes from trucks with some light materials to reduce weight. It is durable, protects contents with efficiency and instead of using zippers, it is kept close using magnets. This bag can be used as a similar product because the biologist bag needs to be ecofriendly.


Another similar bag is The Traveler, is one camping bag which have a rigid structure of the main bag that supports loads up to 60 pounds ergonomically. This bag was chosen as a similar product because the biologist bag needs to be ergonomic and also needs to fit different weights without breaking.


The photograph bag is full of compartments, can carry heavy instruments for the camera and it is also water proof. The biologist bag needs to have many compartments, for separate the animals, the food, the electronics and the papers. It also needs to be water proof or water resistant for protect all these things.

These three bags were only the main bags that was took has a reference for the initials sketches, also has another bags that was took has reference because of the size, color and shape.








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