Biologist Bag



The concept of this back bag is to be a bag for biologists who does field research, and it need to have many compartments for they can separate food, electronics, papers and animals collected; Need to have a medium size (about 50 x 30 cm) which can became a large size (about 70 x 30 cm) if it is need to put more things inside; It need to be water resistance and also eco –friendly. About the aesthetics and the color, this bag cannot have bright color because it needs to camouflage against the animals that the biologist will collect, because of this, the chosen colors was dark green for outside and beige for outside. As an outside compartment, this bag have a fanny pack in which it is connected by the backpack straps and have pockets to put the tools that the biologist going to use in the moment of the collection.
Inside of the bag pack has four subdivisions: for papers, for food, for electronics and animals or plants collections. Outside, in the front part have three small pockets for save small electronics, pens and pencils. On lateral part, have pockets for water bottle, umbrella and serpent hook. On inferior part, if open the zipper and extended, has another big pocket which can put cloths or another instruments.

About the prototype I forgot to take pictures and it helped to found out some technical problems which was able to improve before this final paper. It was made by alternative fabrics and fasteners but with the real color. In conclusion, the research and ideation part was well done and developed a better know about the user group and the different kinds of fabric and fasteners.

I hope everybody enjoyed all the steps of my bag that I posted here.. I really enjoyed each bag that you made First year!! I’m really glad study with you guys :*


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