Transportation in Brazil and my experience when I arrived in Vancouver

Some words that I wrote about Transportation in Brazil, in my city,  my experiences when I arrived here, and some difference about my city and here.

The quality of public transportation in Brazil and the protests

This article is about the protests that had in Brazil in 2013 against the horrible state of the bus,trains and subways. The public transportation in Brazil is based for the utilization of bus, subways and trains ( In my city have only bus) and the government need to give money to ‘’take care’’ of the transport and also they need to take care of urban mobility, and the existing infrastructure for transport, stations and terminals.

The big problem in Brazil ( and especially in m city and except for Curitiba)  is because the public transportation rout didn’t have a project to do it, was did randomly, and in some places doesn’t even have bus close. This happened because the process of industrialization of Brazil  was late and very fast, and influenced to the growth of the cities without an urban planning.

The transportation in Brazil is considered bad and inefficient, with expensive tickets, crowded bus, in horrible conditions (dirt, broken…) and the bus and subways are ALWAYS late, I said ALWAYS.

In 2013, had a lot of protests ( in Vancouver had too and in a lot of others places in the world) because the public transportation was in this poor conditions and they wanted to increase the price of the ticket. The citizens went to the streets, to protest against all the unfair tax and the unfair way that the government think they can hold the money for themselves.   But the thing became bigger,bigger and bigger. The police and the government start to fight against the citizens and this wasn’t the best way. In the end, they didn’t increase the price, but the other problems are still there.


I think I could right properly about each difficult of the public transportation in Brazil. About my city, unfortunately I didn’t found yet any good article for translate to you, but I have my own experience and also a project made by an Architect from there, it is a urban planning for improve the routes, that can benefit all neighborhoods  and also all citizens.

The video is here ( ), all in portuguese, but I hope I can translate it latter =)  It a lot off of good stuffs there that I can use for compare with Vancouver J

So, based on my own experience, living there for 22 years ( I left Brazil when I was 22 and Im almost 24!! Off topic ~~) I HATE the public transportation in São Luis. First, there is a small island where have a family who command everyone and everything, like a dictator but the at least try to cover it and pretend that they are not with the power anymore. But after I can talk about this, the problem is because the city growth very fast and unplanned, there has a lot of bus routes, but have places that don’t pass bus. The bus stop are dirt, and only a few has seats. The bus NEVER, I SAID NEVER, is on time, or they are in advanced or they are like 40 minutes LATE, yes….!!! The bus stops are always full of peoples, that in the first stop, the bus is already full and they don’t put another bus, so, sometimes, you have to wait three or four bus to can get one, and this wait can be from 40 minutes to 3 hours!!! I’m not lying this is the reality. Some windows are broken, some chairs too. And the traffic jam! THE TRAFIC JAM. My house from my university by can, I can take 30/40 minutes, but with bus, it took 2:30 hours, because I need to change bus 3 times, and also with the traffic jam and the route that almost do a circle in the island!! The other big problem is the security, that wasn’t so insecure when I left there, but last month had a rebellion on the big prison and almost all the prisoners escaped and are in the city, killing and stealing everybody. AND THE GOVERNMENT? They are watching movies, eating delicious food, buying expensive things and pretend that nothing is happening, the local TV is also then.  With this, the security gets worse. You can’t take a public transportation or walking with cellphones, gold, anything expensive. Sad, but true.

When I arrived here, I was in love with the bus, with the punctual time of everything, with the skytrain, the security and because was everything new and clean. The bus that I took to Surrey campus had condition air!! I never wait more than 5 minutes for a late bus, and the best thing: I can send a message for 33333 and they say what time the bus will be there. The bus drivers are polite, almost all (yesterday one didn’t want to help me) help you and they give good morning/afternoon/evening!! The upass is something that I always dreamed about too, in Brazil don’t have this, student can pay half ticket, but each bus that I take there, I need to pay again, don’t have such thing like here that you pay and for one hour you can take for free other bus.

All the Brazilians students have the same to say has me, everybody like. My roommate is from São Luis too, and until he arrived in Vancouver he didn’t believe me, in the first month, every day he arrived at home amazed about the public transportation here.

I’m attaching some pictures about the transport there, and also some about my city (Although all bad things that said here, I still miss there!!)







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