Journal 2 – Methods and Materials part 1

Coral Tools by Jinyoung Choi


 Coral tool is a South Korean product, designed by Jin young Choi as a domestic tool. This simple coral tools combine on houses steel flat head and Philipps crew drives within it’s hard plastic body and also as a tripodal stand that holds nails firmly in the center hole to help get them started, ensuring a straight hit while keeping fingers safe. It is also a corkscrew.


The totally independent tools combine in one product of four legs to comfortable and safe store. Aesthetically, is a modern and multifunctional object, which can fix in any kitchen, it has different colors and is very safe.


Tetrabox Spherical Origami Lamp


This Tetrabox Spherical Origami Lamp was made by Ed Chew, a Malaysian Designer. It was made by Tetra Brik boxes, a popular Malaysian soft drink that cames in a rectangular packet. This lamp requires approximately 450 empty packets and it is 260 mm in diameter. The boxes were unfolded and then transformed into 108 hexagons by cutting 6 strips of 6 squares, each 130mm x 21mm, to form a triangle and 6 strips of 4 squares, 76mm x 19mm, that act as knots to hold them all together. The lamp required an additional 12 pentagons made up of 5 strips of 5 squares, each 115mm x 21. The pentagon knots are 5 strips of 4 squares, at 76mm x 15mm.


The Tetrabox Spherical Origami Lamp is a good example of how designers can do recycled product and it still have beauty. Aesthetically, the pattern that the lamp transmits when it is turn on, is beautiful, magical and indescribable. Also, the color can fit in any place and the material used seems fancy and beautiful when It is put together in this lamp.



Filip is a mixed watch, phone, Wi-Fi, GPS , alarm and message reader created exclusively for parents to have control over their children prevent  then to not get lost. It can be pre -programmed with 5 phone numbers that are activated with the touch of a button. Only these numbers can call the child or be driven by it.

With the application of Filip parents can know the exactly location on the map, send messages and even create a “security zone “. This means that when the children is out of the perimeter of the area defined by the father and mother as safe , a notification is automatically sent to them. If the child is in danger, you can press the red emergency button for 3 seconds and them it will immediately send a link with the exact location for the numbers programmed recording the sound of everything that is happening.

There are other smart watches in the market with more technologies. However, Filip is perfect for child safety and for give comfort to parents. Aesthetically, it comes in several colors, it is fun, it fit in any event and with any children’s clothing.



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