Sergio Matos

Today Im going to talk about Sergio J Matos, he is a brazillian designer, from the northwest of Brazil. The first time that I met him was in one academic week in my city and he showed us his work. And it is kind of wonderful how he works, using regional materials and adding value with the concept.

These three product that I put in this post won awards and was exposed on Salone Satellite of Millao on 2010.


Balloon chair

This chair was inspired by a traditional festival in Brazil called São João is a party dedicated to St. John and St. Peter, and has different styles in each state. The chair was inspired by the balloons that people warned that the party would start, a long time ago.

It is made by craftsmanship, with steel coated with colored cotton yarn , giving the chair an air of exclusivity and rationality .

This is the video about the chair:


Carambola Chair (Carom fruit)

The concept comes from the shape of the carom fruit. The structure is made of steel and the outer part is made by hand using colored cotton yarns. The natural cotton is a kind developed by EMBRAPA -PB which allows the plume already born colored, dispensing chemical materials.


 Ianomani Chair

This chair has a strong connection to the culture and indigenous customs. Its concept was developed on the study of indigenous facial paintings and red band on the eyes . The materials used in the production are sustainable. The structure is made of liana apui extracted from the region of Pará (Brazil). Its extraction is beneficial to nature. This vine grows around the tree and as will developing eventually strangles the tree. The plot is made of wicker and finished with water based varnish. The ring is coated MDF certificate laminated wood. The fabric is colored cotton, a species developed by EMBRAPA – PB is born colored.


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