Urban exploration activity and brainstorming

Our Assignment 2 for Design Thinking was for design one super suit for one activity.  My group chose Urban Exploration, that it is an activity which explore not only the typical tourist spots but also  to undiscovered or abandoned places to explore like subterranean tunnels , industrials sites an factories.


                First, we start our research about the places in Vancouver for do Urban exploration and also we found some groups of people on internet, that are participants of this activity. On November 1th we went to one urban exploring tour on UBC, but we found our first problem there. The tunnel entrance was very small and also very wet, and only one person of the group was with waterproof clothes. So, we went into to the tunnel and stayed there exploring for about 10 minutes, but was too claustrophobic and he knees were hurting, so, he comeback before arrives on the end of the firs tunnel. After, we went to exploring some abandoned house on the beach, the two of we found was closed.

So, our camping research was fail, but we were able to figure out a lot of problems of this activity. First, doesn’t have a specific clothes for this activity, is needed a lot of pockets and something anti rip to hide our things inside. Another things that is needed in this activity are: Maps or GPS, Elbow and knee pads, Face mask, Camera, Flashlight/ headlamp, Gloves, First aid, Water bottle, Helmet and Towel.

Based on these things we started our brainstorm in the same day and here goes some sketches.  The next post is going to be about the final prototype.







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